Carvana vending machine dispenses new cars instead of snacks

Carvana wants to be a new way to buy a car. Normally if you car shop online for a car, you eventually have to go into the dealership to do much of the process, but Carvana promises to be the first complete online auto retailer. The coolest thing about Carvana isn't that you get to complete the entire car buying process online; it's how the company delivers your car to you.

In Nashville, Tennessee Carvana has built a giant car vending machine. The vending machine is a multi-story structure that stores and delivers cars when the buyer inserts a special coin given to them after the purchase is complete. The five-story tower can store up to 20 cars and has three customer delivery bays.

An automated delivery system retrieves the car from the tower and moves it into the delivery bay for the buyer to take ownership. When the customer shows up to get their new vehicle, they select their name from a kiosk inside the vending machine and slip the giant Carvana coin into the slot. The car is then moved to the delivery bay and the buyer gets a 7-day test ownership period.

Buyers also get a video of their car delivery process that they can share on social media. Carvana has expanded to multiple markets this year including Birmingham, Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and Raleigh but not all markets have a vending machine. Buyers anywhere in the country who want to pick their car up at the vending machine in Nashville will get $200 worth of airfare credit and delivery service to the vending machine from the airport.

SOURCE: Carvana