Carrier IQ under investigation by European regulators

Carrier IQ has landed in an ocean of hot water for the alleged tracking and intercepting of keystrokes that the software is said to perform. It has been found that many of the more popular mobile phones and smartphones on the market are using the Carrier IQ software. While the company claims that the responsibility for the data stored falls on the carrier and not with it, the company is still under investigation by European regulators.

Regulators in Europe are looking into the software to ensure that the company isn't violating the privacy of users. PCWorld reports that the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection has sent a letter to Apple to ask if the company is using the software. The data protection office wants to be sure that the customers and users of smartphones are aware of how their data is collected and used.

Other regulators investigating the use of the Carrier IQ software include the UK Information Commissioner's Office and the European Consumers Organization. The UK organizations are looking to be sure the private information of UK citizens is being used appropriately.

[via PCWorld]