Carbonite remote access hits beta for Android

Shane McGlaun - Nov 10, 2010
Carbonite remote access hits beta for Android

When it comes to backing up the data on your computer, the easiest way to do the backups is to have a system that does everything itself. Carbonite is just such a system and the service backs up data from the computer to the web for cloud-based storage.

Having your files, music, and photos backed up online means that you can access much of your important data from wherever you might be in the world. Carbonite has announced that it now has an Android app in beta that allows Android users to remotely access any of the files that are backed up to their Carbonite account.

The app will let the user browse all of their files directly from the Android device. The files can be shared to social networking sites and photo sharing sites. All photos backed up to Carbonite can be viewed with thumbnails and full screen. The app also allows the user to listen to music files they have stored in their Carbonite account.

Via Android Community

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