Car key prevents teenagers from using mobile phones while driving

With all of the laws being passed regarding the use of cell phones in a motor vehicle, we are still swerving to miss the oblivious motorist next to us who simply cannot stop flapping his lips. Many parents are also worried that their inexperienced teenage drivers may also be distracted by their mobile phones.

The University of Utah engineers have taken this issue and designed a wireless car key device that stops users from talking on their cell phone or sending text messages while behind the wheel. Each driver of a car will have a separate key device. When the key is extended from the device, it emits a signal that puts the teenagers phone into "Driving Mode," so that it may not be used.

While in driving mode the phone will display a stop sign to try and get the teenager in the habit of leaving the phone alone while driving. The university has licensed the Key2SafeDribving technology to a private company in hopes to have this product marketed within six months. They hope to have this distributed through a cell phone provider if at all possible.