Capsuli solar powered LED pills

I called them pills, because that's what they are shaped like, but you probably shouldn't eat them. I know this is a really cool design, but to settle you down a bit before you go looking for the purchase link, its just a design, no production yet, but it was designed by Ukeseop Jeong and Hanna Son.

KISS is a principle that I learned about a long time ago, I don't follow it near as much as I should, but I love it when I see products that do. The two designers didn't try and reinvent they wheel here, these things are so close to pills its not even funny, even the packaging, where you pop them out the back side to disconnect them from the power source is just like a pill.

The package has a solar panel that would charge all the lights in an emergency situation, or if you were just out in the woods or somewhere else away from a power source. Then it's as simple as popping them out, giving them a twist to turn them on, and they emit a very bright light for such a small device, and allow you to take car of business, whatever that may be.

Solar Capsule [via Yanko Design]