Capcom's site shows a disfigured Chun-Li hand

I've always been a fan of Japanese artwork, especially their anime style. I can't really say why, but I enjoy the style more than even our Western comic book style. One thing that does tend to bother me is that they have a tendency to make some body parts disproportionate to the rest. Usually this means either big knockers or big heads. However, this has to be the first time I've seen the hands get so far out of whack.

This isn't just some fan's take on Chun-Li, but rather some art from the upcoming Street Fighter IV game. I get that she is one bad-ass fighter, and could kick my ass any day of the week, but I never knew that it was in part to her massive hands. Perhaps between games 3 and 4 she was a professional thumb wrestler?

Hopefully this is just some early rendering work and they've realized that she has some sort of monstrous growth where her thumb should be.

[via 1up]