Capcom has big Resident Evil live-action reboot and Netflix series news

As part of its Resident Evil Showcase today, Capcom revealed some details about the next media installments in the franchise, specifically Netflix's original CGI series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, as well as some more info about the live-action reboot that will be based on the first two games in the lineup.

We've known for a while that Netflix has a CGI series based on the hit horror game in the pipeline. The company previously released a teaser image to give fans an idea about the art style they can expect, but some details have remained absent over the past few months. That changed with Capcom's showcase today.

During the digital event, which lasted around an hour, the company presented the world premiere trailer for the CGI show, revealing a realistic style and a bit about the storyline we'll see. The anime series will premiere on Netflix, which we already knew, but now we have a premiere date: July 2021.

According to Capcom, Infinite Darkness will be set in 2006, which is two years after the events gamers saw in Resident Evil 4. The series — or, at least, the start of it — is set in the White House when the zombie outbreak takes place, introducing new characters to the franchise.

Beyond that, Capcom also dropped some details about the live-action reboot of the popular Resident Evil film franchise, stating that shooting — which took place in Canada — has wrapped up and the team has now moved on to producing the CGI elements. The company wasn't ready to announce a release date, however, instead promising to return with more details in the future.