Capcom announces DuckTales Remastered, arriving this summer

Craig Lloyd - Mar 22, 2013
Capcom announces DuckTales Remastered, arriving this summer

Nothing says “nostalgia” like NES platformer DuckTales, the classic 1989 video game based on the animated television series with the same name. You’ll be able to re-live that nostalgia soon, because Capcom just announced that it’s reviving the old game and will be releasing a reboot this summer, called DuckTales Remastered.

Capcom announced the news during PAX East today and says that they have signed on WayForward to develop the game. WayForward is best known as the team behind the development of Contra 4. The characters will be hand-drawn, while the world will be rendered in 3D. Plus, Disney’s amazing voice actors will be providing the game’s dialogue.

Overall, Capcom says that the game will play just like the original title, and Capcom’s Rey Jimenez says that the team is “literally pouring our heart and soul into this title.” The trailer above shows off a wealth of gameplay, but the main thing here is that the theme song is coming back, which we’re sure spent a lot of time in that brain of yours as you quietly sang it to yourself at the dinner table.

DuckTales Remastered will be launching this summer on the PlayStation Network (for $14.99), Xbox Live Arcade (for 1200 Microsoft Points), and the Wii U eShop (for $15). Sadly, it doesn’t look like the game will be making its way to Steam, but there’s always the chance that Scrooge McDuck could make his way to the PC eventually.

[via The Escapist]

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