Cap Storing Bottle opener will keep track of how many you have

My uncle is a professional beer drinker. You can tell that because his shop floor is littered with caps from the bottles he prefers. The caps at his place either end up tossed in the yard or littering the floor of the shop until the twice-annual sweep up. If you are the sort that likes your beer and other beverages that come in bottles with caps that you need to pop open this is the bottle opening concept for you.

The opener is really cool and very simple. It has a bottle on the bottom of the opener that acts as a handle. When you put the opener on your bottle and pry the lid off that lid will fall down into the handle bottle of the opener.

If you are the sort that likes to run down what you had to drink at the party the night before this will help you keep tabs of those too. There is no word on this thing actually coming to market, but it certainly looks like it would be easy enough to make.

[via YankoDesign