Canon X Mark I Bluetooth Wireless Calculator Mouse Announced

Evan Selleck - Aug 6, 2010, 12:04 pm CDT
Canon X Mark I Bluetooth Wireless Calculator Mouse Announced

Cutting as many cords as you can from your life, obviously one of the things you need to detach from the “main unit” is your mouse, so getting your hands on a wireless mouse has to be one of the first steps in the process. (And it’s certainly a process.) That’s why Canon’s new wireless mouse has to sit on your radar. You don’t want to have to deal with that regular numbpad, do you? No, of course not. So why not combine your wireless mouse and number keys? Genius, right?

That’s exactly what Canon has done with their MArk I Bluetooth Wireless Calculator Mouse. Yeah, the title really does just give away the whole surprise, doesn’t it? The device itself is a wireless laser mouse, and it connects to either your Mac or PC courtesy of the Bluetooth connectivity. And before you jump to conclusions, you’ll be able to deactivate the whole “mouse” thing when you need to actual calculate things, and you’ll be able to turn off the “calculating” part when you need to get your mouse activities on.

Right now, Canon plans on releasing the X Mark I in November, but it seems to be only for UK residents at the moment. There’s no word on a release date for international markets quite yet, but hopefully that changes soon. As for price, you’ll be looking at £39.99.

Press Release

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 4th August 2010 – Canon today expands its popular X series calculator range with the launch of the X MARK I MOUSE – a sleek, three-in-one personal calculator that also acts as a wireless laser mouse and numeric keypad for personal computers. Designed for work or personal use, the new model combines the trademark X series design with multiple functions and strong environmental credentials, having been part-manufactured using recycled Canon materials.

Sophisticated design, superior functions
The X MARK I MOUSE features the same premium design as the popular X MARK I and X MARK I PRINT models, with a sleek, angular, streamlined body that’s comfortable to hold in the hand. With integrated Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, three click buttons and a fully-functional scroll-wheel, the calculator can seamlessly be employed as a high performance wireless laser mouse (1200 dpi), allowing users to control their computer and mathematical calculations from the same device.

Instant compatibility with both Windows® and Macintosh hardware¹ provides added versatility for use across various different computer models. In addition to mouse functionality, the calculator can also be used as a wireless numeric keypad for computers, providing a convenient tool for numerical data entry – particularly if using a mobile laptop.

Compact, durable PC-style keys offer a comfortable typing experience similar to that of larger computers, helping to keep number-entry errors to a minimum. The X MARK I MOUSE can also be user-locked to avoid accidental pressing during ‘mouse’ use. A high-resolution, ten-digit display panel ensures that data is clearly displayed at all times, and provides at-a-glance updates on the operational status.

Unique, environmentally-sustainable build
As well as extensive features, the X MARK I MOUSE boasts the low environmental impact construction unique to Canon’s calculator range. Like the X series models before it, the new calculator has been part-manufactured using materials recycled from Canon’s photocopiers, maximising style and minimising waste.

The lower case of the calculator body has been manufactured using plastics previously used in Canon’s range of photocopiers, reducing waste. An efficient power-management system also helps to prevent unnecessary use of energy, with an Auto-power Off function that automatically shuts the unit down after a set period of inactivity². A low power indicator is also featured on the display, with users able to manually turn the device off when not in use to extend battery life even further.

With its unrivalled design, environmentally-committed construction and flexible functionality, the X MARK I MOUSE is one of the most advanced personal calculators on the market. Like all X series calculators, the model will also be available in a choice of glossy white or black finishes, instantly adding a touch of style to any desk.

Pricing & Availability

The X MARK I MOUSE is available from November 2010, priced at £ 39.99 / €48.99
RRP inc. VAT.

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