Canon unveils EOS 7D SV with parental lockouts and more

Canon has announced a new version of the EOS 7D DSLR camera that adds in a strange feature for users that some will find useful. The camera is at its core a basic EOS 7D with a few added features that prevent people from messing around with your settings.

This would be useful for instance if you share a DSLR with a spouse or friend who is always changing your settings, you can use the new controls to limit the changes the people can be made. That way you don't shoot an entire days worth of pictures only to find out someone changed the white balance and all your shots are green.

The controls also let you lock down the ISO settings and more. The 7D SV (SV=Studio Version) can also be had in a kit that also includes a Canon remote transfer unit that sends the pics to your computer automatically. This sounds like the sort of thing you would set up in a studio to keep that minimum wage photo slave from messing up and forcing lots of reshoots. The body only 7D SV sells for $1830, a mere $130 more than the normal camera and that kit with the transfer unit is $2600.