Canon to employ Biometric Digital Watermarking with Iris Registration

Daniel Lim - Feb 11, 2008, 5:54 pm CST

Digital watermarking is probably not new to you these days, we seen and read about traceable hidden digital marking that’s perceptually undetectable and used to identify owner, but the copyright license can be costly if you have variety of images to go though. Copyright Protection and Infringement is a common issue among the pro or i-photographer facing these days, it’s a glowing concern that needed better protection than a simple photoshop-marking. Lucky for some of us, Canon has taken the initiatives to bring digital watermarking to a whole new ground with biometric Iris registration.

Before you get too excited about this new invention, let’s be clear that’s just a recent patent application from Canon. In a nutshell, the camera registers owner’s biological information though the viewfinder, capture images will be digitally marked with an invisible-data embedding technique to prevent alternation of metadata.

I’m sure what’s in your mind right now, a metadata? Should be easy to wipe out with a simple image editing program right? I’m sure the engineer knows what they doing with the claim of unextractable metadata used in embedded technique. If it takes extra steps to prevent further falsification, I’m down with a finger-printed electronic watermarking, and most importantly, it’s built-in the camera!

[via photographybay] thanks Eric

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