Canon PowerShot ZOOM adds a monocular telephoto camera to the portfolio

It might not be an opportune time to be out and about but Canon thinks people will, at one point in time, want to escape the monotony of the new normal and go outdoors. Some might even take to nature and to the night skies for a bit of reprieve. Those are pretty much the situations where Canon's newest PowerShot ZOOM camera might be of use, helping people get close to the action even while staying far, far away.

Canon's PowerShot line is designed for ease of use and you probably can't get any simpler than this. Coming in a form reminiscent of camcorders, the PowerShot ZOOM is a compact monocular camera that does just one thing and that is to take you closer to your subject matter as quickly and as easily as possible.

To that end, the PowerShot ZOOM offers three telephoto lengths of 100mm, 400mm, and 800mm, all accessible via a single zoom button. There aren't that many controls there, actually, just a power button to get you started and a menu that hides everything else.

The camera's specs are pretty modest, revealing its entry-level purpose. You have a 12 megapixel sensor capable of Full HD 30p recording, OIS and face-tracking AF, and a small 0.39-inch EVF. Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows users to easily transfer photos and videos to a compatible smart device via the Canon Camera Connect app.

For its size and simplicity, it's no surprise that the Canon PowerShot ZOOM compact telephoto costs only $299.99 when it launches in November. It might have some difficulty convincing owners of high-end smartphones to invest in a separate gadget just for telephoto shots and the device they already own might do just as well.