Canon new tilt-shift lens TS-E 24 3.5L II and 17 4L up for pre-Order, costly as expected.

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If you were an architecture or a landscape photographer, you would love that 17mm Tilt-Shirt lens. Pairing it with the cheapest 21mp available — 5D mark II — would result in the world's widest 35mm format angle of view setup; but as expected, the new L glasses will cost you an arm and a leg as usual. They are up at Amazon for pre-order and are priced at $2,499 and $2199 for the 17mm and 24mm II, respectively.

In today's image sensor standard, image qualities are nearly identical from one technology to another, availability of glasses is more important, at least to me. The 17mm tilt shift godness really got me thinking about robbing a bank or two. ( smiley )