Canadian Retailer phases out Dual-Format Player, offers HD-DVD trade-in credit

The Canadian retailer Future Shop is doing a good deed by trading your obsolete HD-DVD player with store credit and will donate them to charity. But the $100 credit is only good toward a Hybrid Hd-DVD and Blu-ray player, trade in for another soon-to-obsolete player? It's seriously twisted if you take the charity part out of the equation.

My view on a Dual-Format player starts to sound like a broken record. Like it or not, Dual-Format player is phasing out, along with future supports on the most erratic Hi-Def optical disk. The cost is more expensive a typical Blu-ray player or the combination of both. You do not want to get a blu-ray supported player with the Hybrid. That's not the Hybrid for green but an orange alert with disasters waiting to happen.

I'm not bashing Future-Shop for doing a charitable act; the HD-DVD is still a killer DVD upconverter despite its main role as a HD-DVD player, I'm sure the Boys and Girls Club would benefit from the donation. How about a store credit without string attached? Try Circuit City. Shoot!, I would Never dreamed addressing Circuit City as a role-model.

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