Can a robot find you a life-long companion?

So you're out there in the real world (scary isn't it) trying to find that special someone, but you can't ever seem to find the courage to chat up a total stranger. Now, imagine that you had a monkey that could help you break the ice. No, not a real monkey, but more of a robot monkey. Echo Robotics is hoping that this is exactly what you've been waiting for.Essentially what the Echo Robot does is store personal information about you that can be exchanged with other Echo Robots to determine if you're a good match for each other. The monkey (or any number of different animals) then informs you through a series of movements that the other person may in fact be someone you'd want to get to know.

While some of you might think this is a bit extreme just to meet new friends or find a date, the prospect of having a companion that can break the ice may be just the thing some people have been hoping for. One thing is for sure, having one of these will most definitely help break the ice.

These Echo Robots are currently in the development and testing phases, so no word on pricing or availability yet.

Echo Robot Teddy Bear Meets Women for You [via Gizmodo]