Camera Armor is like a protective case for your DSLR

James Allan Brady - Dec 3, 2007

So if you have a DSLR, chances are you spent roughly all your spare change from at least 1 month on it, so replacing it is more or less out of the question. Up until now, the best thing you could do is keep it in the case when you weren’t using it, but now you can protect it while in use too.

Camera Armor is a silicon rubber case that fits on your DSLR and should protect your camera from bumps, scrapes, and scratches to a certain extent. You also get a satellite dish cum lens protector.

Apparently in the UK its about £40 and up depending on model, but that would equate to about $80 USD, I just found it in an online camera store for $60. From what I saw, they only had the most common models covered, such as the Canon Rebel (a couple different models) and the Nikon D40, the latter being the one I hope to be buying soon, I can’t wait to get myself a Nikon D40.

Camera Armor – toughen up your digital SLR [via redferret]

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