Cambridge Audio TT50

So you finally decided to move out of the 60's era home design and upgrade to something a little more modern, but you just can't quite ditch all your records. There's no shame in it, there's just so much more character in the sound coming from vinyl, but you need a new record player to match the rest of your new high tech home.

Well, Cambridge Audio, the makers of several other high quality audio products has the hook-up. Not only does this record player look like something from this decade, but it has some nice features to match, such as a non-contact magnetic anti-skate tech which should make everything sound great.

No word on whether its belt or chain driven if that matter to you. Although it is available now for the low, low price of £350, ok, so that's not that low of a price, but with Cambridge Audio's pedigree, you can expect it to be worth it.

Cambridge Audio's TT50 turntable is 1960s technology with 2007 looks [via techdigest]