Call of Duty: Warzone crossplay experience soured by PC cheaters

A few years back, there have been mass calls for wider support of cross-platform play between consoles, PCs, and sometimes even mobile. Sony was even put under the spotlight for being slow in adopting such features or even outright refusing to do so. Crossplay has become almost expected with many multiplayer games these days but it is also starting to show its bad sides. Not all platforms are created equal, after all, and it seems that a few PC gamers are more than happy to exploit their platform advantage.

Crossplay between consoles, even between PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, is not really a problem. Despite differences in the respective platform's hardware performance, the experience, especially in terms of control, is more or less consistent across those consoles. They all make use of game controllers and their systems are mostly locked down to prevent any sort of modding.

That's not the case with the more open PC ecosystem them and some Call of Duty: Warzone players are taking advantage of that. Some players on PCs are reportedly making use of banned abilities, thanks to their ability to use cheats on the platform. Of course, when used in a battle royale with console players, they have an unfair and very illegal advantage.

Console players are up in arms about the situation but are also frustrated by Activision's response. Beyond warnings and banning "70,000" cheaters worldwide, the game publisher still continues to push crossplay without trying to fix the root of the problem. This has caused many console players to simply turn off the feature from their end, with the side effect of making it difficult to join games with crossplay disabled.

Warzone players aren't the only ones getting the short end of the crossplay stick. The newly released Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy for the Switch has also had its fair share of PC gamers invading matches. This time, though, it was simply a bug but it still allowed experienced gamers on PCs own battles against new Switch players.