Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War announcement set next week

Every war has been lost or won not just with weapons but also with information or disinformation. That is true especially for those wars were not a single weapon was fired, like the 1960s Cold War between the US and Russia. That will be the almost ironic setting of the next installment in first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty: BlackOps, where players will take a trip down memory lane and attempt to do what was never accomplished back then: hunt down Perseus.

Although it was already leaked that the next CoD BlackOps game would have ties to the Cold War, fans still had a lot of fun piecing together the clues that Activision laid out for them. After all, what better way to tease and reveal a new Call of Duty game than through an alternate reality game inside a Call of Duty game. This gameception took place inside the battle royale known as Warzone, where the treasure hunt successfully yielded a video and a date.

The brief clip narrates the events that unfolded in the 60s, when KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov warned countries about the Soviet Union's strategy to seed disinformation, sow unrest, and destroy democratic governments from within. This was through the covert work of spy only known as "Perseus" who was never uncovered, much less apprehended.

Call of Duty: BlackOps Cold War might not take place in the 60s but, as the teaser hints, it may be taking place at a time when all of these plans will finally come to fruition. There isn't much to go on from that, of course, but fans of the franchise will only have to wait a week before all is put out in the open.

The video ends with the revealed that the revelation will take place on August 26, next Wednesday. Although the setting of the CoD: BlackOps Cold War goes back decades, the timing of the game's release could be more perfect given the political landscape today and in the coming months.