CaddyTrek robotic golf caddy is awesome technology for a boring product

The CaddyTrek is a pretty cool product. It's designed so that you don't have to carry your golf clubs around an entire 18-hole golf course. Instead, your bag is carried by an autonomous wheeled contraption that can sense your movements from behind and follow you from hole to hole. It is a way to reduce the physical demand of what is already one of the least physically demanding sports out there.

But then again, what other sport has casual fans that would be willing to spend $1,600 on a piece of equipment? That's how much the CaddyTrek costs. For those 16 Benjamin Franklins, you'll get a robotic caddy who can last for a good 27 holes, is water-resistant, and only weighs around 40 pounds. But if you do it right, you won't ever have to pick it up while you're improving your game.

The CaddyTrek follows golfers by staying behind them at a distance of around 2-3 yards. It will automatically follow them, even if they make twists or turns. Granted, it's really cool technology that's being used in an application that most of us would find as pretty boring. But it may still be one of the biggest advancements in truly consumer-centric robotic products since the Roomba. If you have a lazy golfer friend, remember this when his or her birthday comes around.

[via Gizmodo]