Cablevision throws in antennas to woo cord cutters

Cablevision is trying to court cord cutters that are getting away from expensive cable plans with an old school way to get local broadcast TV channels. The company is tossing in antennas with its lower cost internet packages for free as a way to allow people to watch local TV. The two lower tier internet plans that include the antennas were announced recently.

Pricing on the plans is $34.90 to $44.90 per month. The company also pointed out that buyers of the plans can add HBO Now at a higher cost later. The free antenna will give these people access to broadcast programs from ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox at no cost.

That is assuming the people live in an area that is able to receive the broadcast networks without interference. In the New York area, the internet plans will include access to 1.1 million hotspots and the antenna given with the plan is a Mohu Leaf that retails for $69.99.

With a broadcast TV antenna, HBO Now, and Netflix many cord cutters wouldn't miss any of their favorite programming. There is no word on bandwidth limits for the lower cost internet plans, but I am sure limits are in place.

SOURCE: Bloomberg