Cables To Go offers lots of mobile charging gear for those summer road trips

Summer is here and there are gadget hounds across the country getting ready for road trips. If you will be taking a road trip with a driver of the sort that would rather hand you an empty water bottle for a bathroom break than pull over, you won't be near an outlet to charge your gadgets for a while.

What you need is some tech to keep you juiced up in the car on the go and Cables to Go has a number of offerings. The most interesting of the gadget chargers for the car is the Power Station Traveler Multi-Gadget Charger. This thing is a tote bag with holders and space for three different gadgets that can charge at once from your DC outlet. It even has a belt to keep it from sliding around in the seat and sells for $32.99.

The company also has a full line of other charging gear like an iPod compatibly Sync cable for only $3.97 so you don't risk that expensive Apple cable on the road. The PowerMonkey-eXplorer AC/solar charger is also a good choice for keeping powered up away from an outlet with a solar panel that promises to charge you phone fully after 6 hours of direct sunlight. It comes with ten tips to fit most devices for $149.21.