blows up on Cyber Monday

I have never ventured into stores on Black Friday with one exception. A couple years back I got a hankering for a new video game on Black Friday and hit Best Buy not thinking about what day it was. I will never make that mistake again. I am more a Cyber Monday guy even though generally I am loathe to order stuff online mostly because I don't like to wait for things to show up in the mail.

I bet that lots of you are the same way, but many make exceptions for Cyber Monday since the deals can be so impressive. Cyber Monday was big for many sellers this year with the economy doing better and people looking to buy big time this year compared to slower sales seen by many online stores last year. has offered up some indications of how well Cyber Monday did for it this year and things were very good. As of 5 p.m. yesterday, the company had already recorded 48% higher sales than it had last year on Cyber Monday. says that some of its most popular products for the day were the Nook 3G and Wi-Fi Reader that brought in "thousands of orders" on Cyber Monday alone.