Butterfleye wireless home monitoring camera keeps an eye on things

The Butterfleye wireless home monitoring camera is a camera designed to monitor your home in an efficient and easy to set up manner. Rather than constantly recording empty rooms all day, the camera uses Activity Based Recording to record only when sound or movement is detected. Doing this allows the camera to save power, storage capacity, and bandwidth.

By recording footage only when needed the Butterfleye camera also makes it easier to find the footage you are looking for when needed. When no recording is being performed, the camera sits in a low power idle state that allows it to last weeks on a charge.

It has enough internal storage to record 12 hours of video and the camera is portable making it easy to take with you. No WiFi is needed for the camera to work allowing it to be used anywhere. Butterfleye is able to determine what it is recording and give you smart notifications.

It will tell you if the camera is recording a person or a pet. Recording is in full HD resolution. Set up and operation is controlled by an app running on your smartphone. Butterfleye is on Indiegogo seeking $100k and has raised over $331k so far. A single Butterfleye will cost you $199 with shipping expected in December.

SOURCE: Indiegogo