Burn the Rope 1.2 Bursting Up iPhone Soon

Rue Liu - Feb 4, 2011
Burn the Rope 1.2 Bursting Up iPhone Soon

If playing with fire is your thing then a safer alternative might be to play the popular iPhone game, Burn the Rope. Feeding the fire to burn as much rope as possible is the aim of the game. Along the way there are various bugs and critters that complicate the matter in enough fun and challenging ways to warrant 80 levels of game play. For those already loving the game, rejoice the fact that version 1.2 is coming soon and details on the enhancements are out.

The list of new features includes:

• New bugs: Firebug – which explodes when it catches on fire, destroying all rope and other bugs within a certain radius when it goes boom; Electric bug – which come in pairs and burns as a duo, with the flame and the flame color jumping to the other electric bug on the screen; Water bug – which puts out your flame when it dies.
• Bonus rounds after every few levels where you will be burning as many bugs as possible for bonus points before the timer runs out.
• Dark Mode – as soon as you set your flame, the lights go out leaving only the area around the flame lit as you burn the rope.
• Redesigned levels and graphics to incorporate all the new bugs and include support for the Retina display.
• Flame acceleration – by pressing and holding the screen you can speed up the flame, which is great for long straight-aways.
• Cottage area with sixteen brand new levels!

Burn the Rope 1.2 will be available on iTunes for $0.99.

[Via IntoMobile]

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