Bungie Files Copyright Claims & Web Domains for Four Mysterious Projects?

We know that Bungie Studios, the developer behind the mega-hit Halo franchise, is hard at work on another intellectual property (IP), which will be published by Activision and head to major consoles and PCs alike. However, details about what that project is are non-existent outside of the Bungie compound. However, thanks to some new copyright claims, as well as some web domains associated with those claims, we may have a small glimpse as to what is coming down the pipe.

And by glimpse, we mean something barely more than a margin-full of information. It seems that Bungie has hired a third-party company to handle the grunt work for these copyright claims and web domain associations. This was probably meant to prevent anyone finding out that these names had anything to do with Bungie, but obviously that didn't work out too well. In any event, the names are "Dead Orbit," "Osiris," "New Monarchy," and "Seven Seraphs." It's interesting to think how these names could come into play for a new project from Bungie, especially when "Orbit" and "Seraphs" could easily be seen, or used, in their current franchise hit, Halo.

However, "Osiris" can't be left out of the mix, either, as that title is indeed tied into the Halo universe. The information was found by Supererogatory, and notes that the descriptions of the copyright claims say that these are all pieces of artwork. However, this could mean that these are going to be used in some kind of promotional material for something down the line, perhaps another project that Bungie is working on.

With information about the Activision published title missing, there's no telling what these words, pieces of artwork, or potential project names could be. The speculation train can freely leave the station at this point.

[via CVG]