Build your next Dark Souls III character with new Mugenmonkey tool

When I play an RPG, I tend to roll a character that just "feels" right. In most games, I end up having a build that is pretty fun to play, and is usually pretty effective at fighting off enemies. However, in a game like Dark Souls, just winging it can lead to problems down the road. Thankfully, someone has put together a tool that will help you avoid rolling a bad build.

Dark Souls players are an interesting bunch. They generally fall into one of two distinct categories. One will build a character, play through the game, and work on beating it. Once they're done, they move on. The other group will play the game countless times, trying to build the perfect character to achieve specific goals. This tool is definitely aimed at the latter.

The tool lets you pick out your class, and Covenant, and set your character level, so that you can play around with all of your stats as they would be at that time. Every change that requires souls will be tallied up, so you know exactly how many you'll need. You can add armor, rings, and weapons, so you can see just how they will affect each of your stats, as well.

A similar tool exists on the same site to help you plan characters for the previous games in the franchise. The new one isn't really anything revolutionary, but for those who enjoy playing around with different builds, this will be a huge help.

Source: Mugenmonkey