BufferBox coming soon to San Francisco

Sometimes it seems like the San Francisco bay area in California gets all of the cool and interesting new technology startups first. I guess that makes sense considering the city's proximity to high-tech industrial centers within the state. Not too long ago, I mentioned that Google had launched its Shopping Express service in San Francisco.

That particular service allows users to order things from local stores, and have them delivered the same day directly to their home or office. One of the most interesting things about that service is that the products cost the same via delivery service as they would in the store. San Francisco is set to get another new service having to do with easy online shopping.

BufferBox has announced that it will soon be coming to the San Francisco Bay Area. BufferBox is a new startup company that has lockers for storing online purchases. This company was purchased by Google last year and will certainly be used by Google for various shopping services allowing people to have items delivered to somewhere other than their home or office.

The company has announced it is heading to the San Francisco Bay area via its website with a small notification stating its intent. Users can sign up for e-mail messages to give them a notification of when they go live. For now, there are no hard details on where the boxes will be installed or what services users can use for delivery to the boxes.

[via Engadget]