Buffalo's latest LinkStation fits in the palm of your hand - called the LinkStation Mini

Buffalo has done it again expanding their LinkStation NAS line with a new smaller model. The LinkStation mini uses a pair of those 500GB 2.5" notebook drives that everyone's been cranking out to make an NAS that you can carry around with you.

It even offers up the spare USB port which you can use to add more storage such as a flash drive or another external hard drive. Sadly though they didn't have the foresight to make it so you can connect this drive directly to a computer, its still only over a network, so a drive that's easy to take with you is almost a moot point, except you could directly connect the drive via a patch cable.

You can configure the two 5400RPM drives in RAID 0/1, although since they are already fairly slow, I'd recommend RAID 0. This 1TB LinkStation Mini will cost you $700, but they are supposedly working on a single drive version that will obviously be 500GB.

[via gadgetell]