Buffalo's Blu-ray and HD DVD combo drive - Cheap, but only for Japan

Still haven't figured out who's going to win the battle to be the official standard for HD discs? Don't worry, no one really knows. If you don't want to make a decision but still have the ability to watch your favorite movies in HD, check out this new drive from Buffalo.

Buffalo has announced that they will be launching a drive that can play both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs. What's great is that it also burns Blu-ray discs, though it won't burn HD DVDs.

The biggest concern with these types of drives is cost. The price is set to be about 47,000 Yen which translates to just over $400. That's not too shabby at all. Now we just have to convince them to launch it over here in the US.

Buffalo Japan to Sell USB Blu-ray and HD DVD Combo Drive [via everythingusb]