Buffalo SSD NAS drive is no better than HDD-based Mini Linkstation

The use of SSDs in the first of its kind, palm sized Buffalo Linkstation NAS drive is reported facing performance bottleneck in team of speed and power consumption despite having a power efficient and high speed NAND Flash based storage drives. Hardware controller is the one to blame; Impress has reported the SSDs based LS-WSS240GL/R1 internal components are virtually identical to the company hdd-based Linkstation mini, the $1,150 price tag only get you the benefit of a high reliability, low temperature SSD NAS drive in whisper quite operation.

The LS-WSS240GL/R1 SSD Linkstation is said to have processed similar speed and power consumption no better than Linkstation mini. The noise, however, has greatly reduced from 17-19db to 0.4db at idle and 2.3db at drive access.

Though having similar hardware component, the company makes no guarantee the existing mini Linkstation workstation will work with a user-replaced SSD drive. A SSD kit upgrade has not been announced but future releases may get much-promising units with better power usage, likely cut into half comparing to current model.