Buff iPhone screen protector repels bricks and hammers

The huge and unavoidable issue with smartphones is that they're incredibly fragile, particularly if you're wielding an iPhone 4/4S. Whether it lands face up or down, you're going to be travelling to the Genius bar sheepishly with a shattered phone in hand. What if there was a screen protector that had amazing resistive properties, being able to withstand drops, and even attacks from bricks and hammers? Someone went and created it.

Ponder, if you will, the Buff iPhone Screen Protector. It's another screen protector that aims to resist scratches and prevent cracks and breakages. Sounds like another empty promise, right? Not so, friends. In the video (below for your amusement) you can see an iPhone with the screen protector attached being assaulted with a myriad of weapons, including a brick, coffee mug, and hammer.

How does it all work? The screen protector has four layers that will absorb and disperse various impacts and shocks. Not only that, but it can automatically reduce those pesky air bubbles trapped beneath the protector if you don't apply it properly. Buff say that the bubbles will disappear within 24-48 hours, depending on room temperature.

There's no sign of the product available on the company's website, although rumors suggest the screen protector sells for around $20-30, if you can find one. That sounds like a small price to pay to prevent future accidents and avoid any unnecessary tears.

[via Redmond Pie]