Budweiser Buddy Cup concept makes you Facebook friends post toast

Budweiser has unveiled a new concept that can help beer drinkers get to know the cutie they met at the bar. The concept is a new beer cup concept called The Buddy Cup. The idea behind the concept is to make to people instant Facebook friends when they toast each other using the cup.

Inside the cup is a chip of some sort, likely of the NFC variety. The chip will be linked to the cupholders Facebook profile somehow and when they think they're glass together with someone else's a bar or party, it would make them instant Facebook friends.

The Buddy Cup was created by Agencia Africa in partnership with a digital advertising studio in Brazil called Bolha. The cup can be used to help improve the social aspects of drinking for consumers attending Budweiser sponsored parties, concerts, and festivals. There might be a downside to this sort of product though.

I can see this Buddy Cup be particularly hazardous for attractive women. I can only imagine the never-ending stream of drunk guys begging to toast the pretty ladies at a party. I can also see some sneaky drinkers tapping glasses with a pretty girl without her knowing it. A cup like this likely means lots of weird creepers showing up on your Facebook account.

[via TheDrum]