BSOD and Pong belts are extra geeky

If the pockets full of gadgets and the tendency to read SlashGear when you should be working (hey your boss is coming!) don't signal the fact that you are a geek, either one of these belts will. Geek fashion often has to do with things that we loathe, fear, and hate all at the same time, like someone asking you to fix their computer for free.

The BSOD belt may be the perfect accessory for the geek who works tech support at the office. The belt is one of those braided canvas types that uses friction to stay buckled. The buckle is festooned with the BSOD. The only thing I remember about this type of belt from wearing them before I could make my own decision was that they either fell off for no reason or wouldn't release until seconds before you wet yourself.

If the BSOD is inviting disaster a bit too much for your tastes, you can get the Pong belt buckle showing the screen from the coolest game to ever be boring. I wonder when the "All your base are belong to us" version ships. You can pick up either of these belts for $15. Just be sure you have a knife with you in case of a urinary emergency and the belt won't cooperate.

[Via BoingBoing]