Bryston preps SST series amps with squared SST²

Believe it or not, our friendly neighbor to the North is a proud country of many well known high end audio markers such as Paradigm speaker, Anthem – high end audio video component of Sonic Frontiers International and last but not least, my favorite amp manufacturer, Bryston.

Well recognized from its transferable 20-year, no question ask warranty with state of the art audio design and sound quality mono blocks; Bryston is no stranger to the most-demanding audiophiles, especially the built like a tank ST and SST series amplifiers. Coming this CES 2009, the Canadian will update its best seller with the availability of SST² "Squared" series based on the design and research from its fully balanced powerhouse 28B-SST Pro.

Current SST line up ranges from a 2B SST to 28B-SST mono block with ability to pump out no-BS 100W and up to 1000w driven into dual channel or multichannel-design. The "Squared" SST series will feature the line-up offering as well as same pricing with additional new features below:

  • Power supply circuit board—No point-to-point wiring in the new SST Squared design, with all components plugging directly into the power supply circuit board
  • Output chokes—New output chokes that extend the high-frequency bandwidth at 20 kHz
  • Soft-start circuitry—Power gets ramped up gradually so there's not as much strain on the AC supply using a micro-controller
  • Push-style power switch—Replaces the membrane switch on previous models, for better functionality and durability
  • Simplified circuit topology—A reduced circuit board count and less point-to-point wiring for greater efficiency and sonic clarity
  • Power supply transformer design—So you get instantaneous current and less noise