Bruce Willis isn't suing Apple according to his wife

Yesterday we mentioned that rumors were going around that actor Bruce Willis was going to sue Apple over rules governing what happens to the iTunes music collection once the owner dies. Apparently, Apple's rules dictate that if you die your music collection defaults to Apple rather than any children or your spouse. The reports were that Willis was suing Apple over those rules.

Honestly, it seemed a bit strange that Bruce Willis would be concerned about his digital music collection. Willis has been some of the biggest action movies ever made, and his kids or spouse would certainly have the means after his death to not fret over a music collection. According to Bruce Willis' wife Emma Hemming, reports circulating yesterday are true.

Apparently, the story originally surfaced with Daily Mail and Hemming says that the story is simply untrue. I should say while I found it strange that Willis would be concerned about his music collection after his death, it is more the little strange that Apple would expect to retain ownership of something you purchased after your death. I think points to something larger that needs to be addressed in the digital world.

For some reason, sellers of digital goods such as music and TV shows seem to think digital products should be handled differently than physical products. After all, if I die and have a huge collection of CDs or records, that collection would default to my family, not the music companies. Digital music should follow the same rules as physical music I believe. What do you think?

[via Times of India]