British Pregnancy Advisory Service hacker goes to jail

A man who was accused of breaking into the website of Britain's largest abortion provider and planning to leak personal details of 10,000 women is now in jail. 27-year-old James Jeffrey has been described as a computer whiz kid and is apparently very much opposed to abortion. He was reportedly working on an anti-abortion campaign and this act was set to be the big coup de grace that attracted a lot of attention.

In addition to downloading unauthorized information about the organization's contacts and clients, he defaced the BPAS website, with statements on the site calling the people in the organization murderers. Among the comments he added were, "An unborn child does not have an opinion, a choice or any rights" and "Who gave you the right to murder an unborn child and profit from that murder?"

Then he went on Twitter and tried to start a viral awareness of what he had done. If he was smart enough to orchestrate that, he must have known that officials would be hunting him down, which they did. They raided is house last month and said they caught him in the middle of trying to delete files from his computer. He admitted to violating Britain's Computer Misuse Act. His sentence is to remain in jail for two years and eight months. He'll be locked away until nearly 2014 for his stand against abortion.

[via Daily Mail]