British firm makes military backpack that can see through walls

Shane McGlaun - May 4, 2011, 10:34 am CDT
British firm makes military backpack that can see through walls

If you are a gamer that plays shooters or other games, you have seen the little maps in the bottom of the screen that put dots up when an enemy is nearby. I have a watch though that something along those lines wasn’t possible in the real world, but it is. A British company called Cambridge Consultants has unveiled an awesome product called the Prism 200c that looks a lot like that HUD in some video games. The device is worn like a backpack.

When the solider needs to know if there is an enemy inside a building or room they just press the backpack device to the wall and hit the buttons and the HUD gives you the location of people inside as red dots on the screen. It doesn’t give you great detail, but it will tell you the people are there. The device is able to see through wood, concrete or brick surfaces.

The device scans the inside of the room with ultra-wideband frequencies and puts locations on the screen. It can also link to computers that are in the field to allow the commander at base to see what is going on in real time along with the troops. You can get an idea how the device works in the video below, it’s a very cool gadget. I can certainly see where it will help police and military get an idea of threats inside a room.

[via Dailymail]

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