Brit combines Nike shoes and Wii controls to make workouts harder

Nike issued an art-meets-innovation challenge to designers to take its shoes and use them to create an innovative product of some sort. One of the entrants to the contest came from Nick Marsh. Marsh took the Nike shoes and cobbled them together with Nintendo Wii controls.

The idea was to put the Wii controls into the shoes and increase the efforts needed in the Wii Fit workout routines for users to get fit. The Wii sensors were put into the soles of the shoes and increased the effort needed to control Balance Board functions.

Apparently, while controlling the Wii Fit games with the shoe controllers is as accurate as the Balance Board alone, the shoes make controlling the action more difficult making the workout more intense. I have a hard time controlling the Balance Board as it is, I don't need more difficulty there. Check out the video below to see the fancy shoes in action.