Bring it! Japan accepts giant robot fight challenge

Oh it's definitely on! Since MegaBots Inc. appealed to nationalism, without anyone asking them to, challenged Suidobashi Heavy Industries to the world's first ever giant robot fight. Of course, the Japanese robotics company had no choice but to accept, also in the name of Japan. Especially after the country's defeat in the Women's World Cup yesterday at the hands of who else but the US. That said, Suidobashi isn't going to simply play into MegaBots' hands and is dictating its own requirements for the battle.

Last week, MegaBots released an almost tongue-in-cheek video with a very serious proposition: a battle between Japan's first giant human-piloted robot and the US' first similar robot, made by MegaBots, of course. Unsurprisingly, Suidobashi isn't taking it sitting down. After all, as CEO, Founder, and Creator Kogoro Kurata said, giant robots are an intricate part of Japanese culture, and no one will probably be able to contest that.

That said, while the company's Kuratas will indeed fight in this giant robot face off, but it's adding its own terms. It wands to add melee combat to the challenge. Robots with big guns, that's not so interesting, says Kurata, and so "Super American." A robot fist fight ala Real Steel would definitely be cool. And maybe a bit safer to some extent.

So there you have it! US and Japan will be facing off in the world's historic first giant robot fight. But it won't be happening immediately. MegaBots said that it will need a year to make its Mark II combat ready. And with Suidobashi's added requirement, that might take even more time. The Japanese company also subtly left another challenge for MegaBots. It's going to leave it to them to organize the event. The ball's in your court now, MegaBots!