Bridgestone color e-paper display revealed

Bridgestone revealed their brand new color electronic paper display technology earlier this week in Tokyo at a trade show and this display has something all the others don't–support for pen input!

This display is made from the Bridgestone QR-LPD electronic powder, a color filter and the Wacom electromagnetic induction tablet. But unlike other e-paper displays, it also has a fast refresh speed to make pen input possible. The refresh rate is now 0.8 seconds as opposed to up to 15 seconds on the previous model.

We don't know at this point how the company improved the panel but it seems to be related to the drive tech. This makes it possible for the pet to write smoothly on the display's surface. We don't know when this new Bridgestone display will be released or how much it'll cost, but we'll keep you posted.

[via Tech-On!]