Bridge shredder concept works with any trash can and looks cool too

I have a shredder in my office to gobble up all the pre-approved credit card offers and other crap that comes in the mail I don't want to just throw away. I used to just rip them in half and toss them away until someone I know had a thief get one of those ripped in half forms still manage to get a card in their name. The problem with my shredder is that it's bulky and gets in my way. I have a trashcan already and a shredder that would just work with it would be ideal.

A concept shredder called the bridge designed by one tenth design for a company called takumi has surfaced and it is very cool. This looks like some sort of shredder that Apple would sell with an industrial design and bright white color. The cool part is that the shredder is its own unit and will sit on most trashcans you already have.

When you aren't shredding things up you can store it in a drawer or on your desk. It needs no AC cord since the shredding mechanism is powered by batteries. It appears that the batteries are four AA size cells. From the warning images on the top the thing won't shred paperclips or staples. My big shredder will chop up those items. The tapered design is to allow the shredder to sit on top of the trash bin or wedge inside of it.

[via Designboom]