Bricasso printer creates Lego mosaics automatically

Making Lego mosaics is a thing for geeky artists. Normally the mosaic is created by hand using lots of bricks and lots of big backgrounds squares of those Lego boards. A Lego geek named Jason Allemann has whipped up an awesome Lego creation that can created Lego mosaics for you using 1x1 Lego plates. Those are pretty small, but the upside is that you can connect them together to create much larger mosaics.

The printer is called the Bricasso and it is made using Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit. That means the Lego mosaic printer is itself made of Lego. The tall tubes on the side of the printer are where the bricks are stored.

The brain of the Bricaso is the EV3 controller and images are scanned using printed sheets of paper placed into the printer and scanned using the EV3 color scanner. The image data is stored inside the EV3 controller so you can make multiple copies of a mosaic without repeating the scanning if the mosaic doesn't change.

That color sensor swings away when it's not needed. The entire printing process takes quite a long time to complete. The entire project is quite ingenious and the feeder system holds up to 450 plates in nine different colors. Check out the video to see the printer in action.

SOURCE: Gizmodo