Breeze Racks Will Dry Your Clothes While You Hang Them Up

Concept designs are all over the place. And while many of them focus more on the gadget-based area, like an MP3 player, sometimes you find the design concepts that just seem right, even if they aren't all touchscreen-fused gadgets. This time around, there's an area in the house that's getting the concept design treatment: the clothes rack. This is called the Breeze Racks, and it's a collapsible system that's meant to not only dry your clothes while you hang them up, but also make them smell good.

The clothes rack, which can be broken down to store away if you need it to, features a blower to dry your clothes, hollow bars and hangars that have a lot of holes in them, and an aroma dispenser. As you might imagine, the Breeze Racks is meant to dry your clothes in a quick amount of time, and apparently the designer intends it to be used for those who live in rain-drenched areas.

Just set the frame where you want it, and then just set up one of the hangers into the holes of the rack. The heated air should blow through the hollow tubes, and then through the holes in the hangars to dry your clothes as they hang in the air. The aroma dispenser will make your clothes smell good when it's all said and done. The Breeze Racks is built so you can take it around with you — kind of like your umbrella. Anyone think this will take off, and be the next big thing?

[via Yanko Designer]