Breathometer blows past funding goal and adds new stretch goals

Shane McGlaun - Mar 27, 2013, 4:25 am CDT
Breathometer blows past funding goal and adds new stretch goals

We talked about the Breathometer when the device first hit indiegogo a couple weeks ago. The Breathometer is a hardware device that works in conjunction with an application on the iPhone turning the device into a portable breathalyzer. The idea is that when people go out drinking with their friends they could use the portable breathalyzer to see when they’ve had too much to drink.

Originally, the campaign was seeking $25,000 in funding. The project has obliterated that funding goal raising over three times that amount of money. At the time of writing, the Breathometer has raised $80,291 and still has 18 days left to go in the campaign. You can pledge $100 to get the Breathometer in July 2013.

If you don’t mind waiting until January of next year, you can pick one of these little breathalyzers up for only $20. To help entice people to keep pledging their money, the people behind the campaign have announced some new stretch goals. If the campaign reaches $100,000, the developers will create a one-click calling application for friends and local taxicabs.

If the campaign reaches $150,000 in funding, the company will add four additional colors for the device to choose from. Possibly the best stretch goal will be activated if the campaign reaches $200,000. At that point, the company will create a portion of the application that can stop drunk texting when you’re over the legal limit. Keeping you from driving drunk and preventing you from drunk texting your ex is a public service indeed.

[via indiegogo]

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