Breakfast-Art Image Toaster

Some time ago, I read about a competition-winning design of a toaster that could forecast the weather. It would acquire the days weather information via the web and imprint an image of sunshine, clouds, or clouds with rain on to your toast. That way, you can wake up every morning to some warm divine toast and then decide how to dress for the day or whether or not to bring an umbrella. Somewhat useful, somewhat gimmicky. I never really thought it would go beyond the concept stage.

But lo and behold, Brookstone is now offering to the mass market such a toaster that imprints images on to your toast but has lost its forecasting or internet connection abilities. It looks like you can print anything from smily sunshines to christmas trees. I can sense custom imprint plate accessories to follow should these toasters actually start flying off the shelf. So, if you find your toast to be too boring and plain, you might consider shilling out $60 for this Breakfast-Art Image Toaster.

Breakfast Art Image Toaster [Via: Coolest-Gadgets]