Bravo 4100-series disc printer is crazy fast

I have printed labels on printable CDs with my printer before and it's a long process that seems to take forever on my home printer. A company called Primera Technology has unveiled a new disc printer that is the world's fastest. The printer is part of the Bravo-4100 series and it can print a CD about as quickly as you can read this post.

The Bravo 4100 line is able to print a single CD label in high-quality color in only six seconds. It used individual CMYK ink tanks to lower ink costs and prints at 4800 dpi quality. Part of the blazing print speed that the new 4100 series offers comes from 300% faster robotics than previous models.

The printer also has blue lighting inside and a job status monitor. The device is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7 as well as Mac OS X 10.6 and up. There are versions of the product that can burn content to the disc and print a label. The 4100 AutoPrinter holds 100 discs and sells for $1995. The 4010 Disc Publisher has a CD/DVD burner and printer with a price of $2995, and the 4102 has a pair of those burners and prints for $3295.