Brando Stainless Steel MP3 Watch

Rue Liu - Dec 13, 2006, 12:59 pm CST

Many mp3 watches have a sporty and casual look for wearing to your morning jogs, but few come across as classic and sophisticated for wearing to your business meetings. Hence, its nice to see Brando’s new Stainless Steel Mp3 Watch in a classic unfussy style.

Featuring a built-in voice recorder, the watch holds up to1GB of mp3 files, including voice recordings saved in WMA format. Mp3s are transferred via USB 2.0 cable, and the battery unit allows for over nine hours of continuous playback. Audio controls are cleverly disguised as standard watch buttons on the sides. Priced at $75.

Brando Stainless Steel Mp3 Watch [Via: Electronista]

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