Bracketron unveils Twist360 iPad stand

The week the iPad 2 is announced to replace the original iPad seems to be an odd time to introduce a new case and stand for the original iPad. I guess there are enough owners of the first iPad out there that the Twist360 from Bracketron will find a market. This is an interesting case with a section on the back that twists and adjusts for different needs.

The back of the case has a ring called the TwistGrip that can turn in any direction and has a fold down section that can be used as a prop. That prop will allow the iPad to stand in portrait or landscape modes. The ring will also rotate to allow the user to hang the iPad on the wall. That might be the perfect way to keep the iPad away from little ones when you don't want them messing with it.

The ring can also be used as a handle for carrying the iPad with you on the go. When the TwistGrip ring is folded flat, it can be used as a grip when you are standing up with the iPad. The Twist360 will ship "soon" for $59.95.